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The Beehive Alliance is a fully volunteer-based organization started in 2019 that is dedicated to creating a "buzz" around pediatric mental and behavioral health issues. We are committed to providing the resources necessary to families in our local and national community burdened by these issues so that no child is denied access to treatments that change lives. 



Impact Statement

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The Beehive Alliance is proud to announce a 2022 donation of $75,000!

Our donation will support a Primary Care Clinician pilot program created by the experts at the Nationwide Children's Behavioral Health Pavilion and On Our Sleeves. The goal of this program is to develop and provide resources that primary care clinicians can use to start important conversations and give valuable tools to families on how to support the mental health of their children. The program will create and give resources that facilitate the conversation and goal-setting between the clinician and the families. Additionally, they will conduct impact surveys to understand if the materials are being utilized and beneficial and receive feedback from clinicians and families on what resources could be helpful in the future.

What else did we do in 2022?

The Beehive was busy creating a buzz around pediatric and adolescent behavioral and mental health this year!


Kindness Kits

Hundreds of kindness kits were created for patients waiting for treatment at the Behavioral Health Pavilion. Kits include encouraging notes, fidget toys, and small activities to pass the time.

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A Night In the Hive

We raised $40,000 at our first adult-only fundraiser, A Night In the Hive. The support of the community humbled us!

Empty Classroom

School Partnerships

We partnered with the experts at Nationwide Childrens and local schools to bring mental health information and resources to families.

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Social Media Outreach

Our social media team amplified the voices of experts in the field and provided hundreds of free mental health resources to followers nationwide. Join us @BeehiveAlliance



Our viral lemonade stand fundraiser raised $15,000 while involving families in breaking stigmas at the ground level.


Back to School Mental Health Fair

We hosted our second FREE back-to-school mental health fair with Seeds of Caring. We provided school aged children with mental health tools to carry with them through the school year. 


Important Partnerships

We partnered with local nonprofits and businesses to increase our impact. Thank you to Seeds of Caring, Red Oak Foundation, Katy Oberle, Balanced Child Method, On Our Sleeves, and the many large and small businesses that supported our mission in 2022.


Party In the Patch

Our Party in the Patch event tripled in size in 2022! This meant more families experienced our low-pressure way to connect about their mental health in a night of fall fun.


Grants Recieved

We were honored to receive generous grants from Gabriel's Light, The Ford Foundation, and the MBIA Foundation.

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A Year in Review

The Beehive Alliance is proud to announce that because of your generosity, we were able to donate $20,000 to programs at Nationwide Children's Behavioral Health Pavilion and an additional $5,000 to On Our Sleeves  (see below for more information).  

Father Carrying Child Outdoors

Home Based Team

This parent training-focused team specializes in assisting overwhelmed parents to improve their connection with their young children. The funds we donated will be used to buy toys, crafts, and interactive games for families to use in their own homes to improve connection and satisfaction in their relationships. 

Family Going Fishing

Integrative Family and Systems Treatment

This program provides counseling to family members twice a week to reshape communication patterns. Funds will be used to purchase items and create experiences that create healthy family interactions such as food for shared meals or entry fees for family events. 


Our Our Sleeves

With prevention as the focus, funds will be used to create a new mental wellness activity designed by the OOS behavioral health experts. The activity will boost mental health in children. The activity will be used with youth-serving organizations. 

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Kindness Kits

We donated 116 kindness kits and 100 additional fidgits to the patients at the Behavioral Health Pavilion.


Mental Health Fair

We partnered with Seeds of Caring to host a free Be Kind To Yourself (and Others) mental health fair.



$11,000 was raised at 16 lemonade stands managed by dedicated child volunteers and their families and 100s of generous donors from 16 states. 


Gabriel's Light Grant

We received a generous grant from Gabriel's Light to be used to provide mental health resources and squash stigmas. 

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Party in the Patch

Our first in-person fundraiser was an event that brought families together at Lynd's Fruit Farm. We #SquashedStigmas and raised funds thanks to generous donors, sponsors, and attendees. 



We provided almost 100 social media posts and resources that provided tips for caregivers to help children with their mental health. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook!



How did your generosity make a difference?

Because of your support, the Beehive Alliance was able to present a $10,000 Donation To the Behavioral Health Pavillion at Nation Wide Children's Hospital.

Our gift will go towards creating an On Our Sleeves educational video to reach children across the United States, and developing a new wellness activity targeting youth organizations. 

We are honored to present this gift in a year where supporting the mental health of children is more important than ever. 

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